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Feel Free bracelets

A powerful but gentle reminder to reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

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About Nygaards Feel Free bracelets

Nygaard Jewelry is unique, personal and hand made.

Our Feel Free bracelets carry affirmations to remind you of the changes you wish to make in your life. You can wear your inspiration on your wrist to stay focused.

All of our jewelry is produced in our workshop in Holstebro, Denmark. We cut, grind and polish raw plates in silver or brass to prepare them for stamping. We work with small stamps and every single letter has been stamped by hand, to create jewelry with a raw and unique look.

To us jewelry is not just jewelry, it is a gentle, caring and powerful reminder that you are able to create the life you dream of.

YOUR jewelry is OUR passion.

Kunder udtaler:

I use it every single day.

I had no doubts when I made my wish list for Christmas. A beautiful and elegant bracelet with the names of my 5 children. Nygaard Jewelry made my wish come true. I use it every single day and this way I keep my children close.

- Rikke Wermuth Bak Jensen

Such a cool design

I am sooo happy with my new beautiful bracelet, which I got from my boyfriend. I like the simplicity of the design and the word 'Bonus' says it all, since I am a proud 'bonus mom'. The bracelet is on my wrist every day and I hope to get one more......I will probably choose a 'Pyt' bracelet next time.

- Maria Tranholm Østergaard Eriksen

I love my bracelet with the word 'Believe'

I am more and more convinced that my bracelet is magic. I wear it every day, especially when days are rough and something feels difficult. When I face something that means a lot, but demands an extra effort, I touch my bracelet and it never lets me down. I believe in inner strength and outer strength.

- ​Lone Johansen

My favorite power words

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