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So this is what I shouted out of the window


It was evening.

I remember it was dark.

The road was reasonably deserted (thankfully for that).

I’m pretty sure I was coming home from a course – at least I was alone in my car.

The thoughts ran on high pressure and many emotions were present inside me.

I had SO many plans in my head, as I just could not figure out how to get along.

I’m so foolish perfectionist and would like to figure out everything in advance.

It felt as if my head was about to explode.

Suddenly, without thinking so much about it, I rolled down the window and shouted out loud:


Then I rolled up the window again – and laughed at myself.

Honestly, I was a little worried about losing my mind, but most of all, it was just so redeeming to shout out of the window.

In fact, I’ve done it a few times since ………

Perhaps you know what it means to ‘over-think’ everything.

You will never come up with a solution, because you CAN’T think of the whole solution.

At some point you have to do something different.

If you want to change something then you have to take the first step and do something different than usual.

When you do as you usually do, you get the same results as you usually do.

Therefore, you must do something different.

Do Different >>>>


My experience is that when we want big changes, we believe that we can think of how we will get this change. We believe that we can create a huge change from one moment to another. Simply by saying: From tomorrow, I’ll never eat more stuff like that (well, if that’s the change you’d like to make).

It’s going very well – the next 3 days –  but then you’re going crazy because you miss your candybars.

If you instead started to be candy-free for 1 day a week AND replace the white sugar with a healthier option, then it will be easier. OR if you cut down from 1 whole plate of chocolate a day to a half plate.

Then you are in the process, you will make some experiences that you can adjust along the way and get better and better to do so.

You must do something different every day – even the smallest things count.

When you need to learn something new – and go new ways, you can find great help with positive confirmations.

Do Different is a positiv confirmation – and it works only if you use it every day >>>>>>>

In order to stay on track and KEEP doing it differently, you can get help from the bracelet ‘Do Different’.

When you see it on your arm or touch it, you can remind yourself of the change you are creating.

With a gentle touch of the bracelet, you can help yourself to make the right choice in everyday habits and act differently to reach your goal.

It’s not what you do once in between that changes your life, that’s what you do every day.

Do Different.

Remember if I can, you can!

With loving greetings

Nina Nygaard

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