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Materials like silver and brass may become dark or stained by contact with oxygen and in daily use, but with simple precautions and a few good, effective products, your jewelry can be beautiful for many years.

Store your jewelry in an airtight bag to delay the natural oxidation of silver and brass. It’s quite effective! Only store 1 piece of jewelry in each bag. Keep your jewelry dark so they do not expose to sunlight. Avoid getting your jewelry into contact with chemicals. Think wide – it’s cleaning products, hair care and styling products, soap, cream, perfume and much more.

Take off your jewelry when you sleep, swim, practice sports or other activities where you sweat. The body excretes oxygen through the skin which causes jewelry to become stained and dark. How much oxygen we secrete is different from human to human, but some experience that their jewelry reacts more quickly than others. Some medication is also excreted through the skin and may cause jewelry to darken sooner.

Avoid bumps and general voilence that can make metal marks. Both silver and brass are soft metals that can be twisted out of shape – be careful when handling your jewelry.


Silver that has become dark or stained can easily be cleaned up with a product made for silver or plaster cloth for silver.

Silver Cleaner or detegent for silver is a clear liquid as the silver is lowered into for 1-2 minutes after which, if necessary, stucked dirt can be removed with a soft brush supplied.

The process can be repeated but do not leave the jewelry in the liquid for a long time. Rinse with clean water and wipe with a soft cloth. Refresh with a polish cloth – the most effective way to use a polish cloth is impregnated with silver detergent such as a polishing cloth specially made for silver, where both the effects of the cloth of the silver detergent and the friction that occurs when pudding.

Silver cleaner is suitable for any kind of silver jewelry, even where there are small details that can be difficult to clean with a plaster cloth.


Brass is a mixture of metals copper and zinc. Brass that has become dark or stained can easily be freshened with Brasso, which can be purchased in all major supermarkets.

How to do: Shake the bottle and apply Brasso with a soft cloth. Polish with a dry soft cloth before polishing is completely dried and then enjoy the result. When you think it all shines brightly, you repeat the process one more time and will discover that it’s about to be even better and more shiny. It is clearly seen on the cloth how Brasso removes dirt that can not be seen, but the result becomes visibly better.

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