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Nina Nygaard - that's me

Mother of two, married to the father of my children and jewelry designer, who is passionate about being perfectly imperfect, that’s me. I know that great freedom lies in giving up the idea of having to cope with everything to perfection.

In my small workshop we make your personal piece of jewelry, or a gift for a person who is special to you. We are a small team, which consists of me and two assistants. Each and every piece of jewelry is unique and handmade. Each letter is stamped by hand, so no two pieces of jewelry are exactly alike.

You always get personal service, if not by me, then by my sweet PA, Claudia, who checks in with me every day. It is important to me that you are satisfied with your jewelry – every piece of jewelry I send out is super personal and every single order is important to me.

Always remember that: nobody is perfect, but you are ‘Perfectly Imperfect ‘.

Your jewelry is my passion ♡♡

Being a sensitive super-caring-mom

When I first became a mother, I felt like I had been run over by a freight train.

The emotions that suddenly came into my life were similar to the feeling of being swallowed up by a giant tornado in which I was thrown around and never knew what was up or down. At the same time I experienced the greatest love of all, but I also felt that I was not good enough as a mother.

All the other moms just seemed to have it all figured out and their way of being a mother was much better than mine. To have my daughter and be her mother started an amazing personal journey for me, which never stops – and I am glad that it does not… but why tell you this?

Because it is my greatest wish that my Feel Free bracelets can help you to get rid of the heavy quilt or shame that you probably also grapple with in your daily life.

It is my greatest wish that my Feel Free bracelets can help and support you on the way to set yourself free.

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