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The truth about me

I’ve been a cold-hearted fucker.

Imagine that you come home to your husband after a long day at work.

As soon as you walk through the door you sense how one can cut the air with a knife.

It is far from the first time you experience this so you try out carefully with a quiet ‘hello’.

No answer. Or in the best-case scenario an icy ‘hello’ back.

Your husband is standing with his back turned to you, not looking at you and continuing what he is doing. You can almost see the storm brewing.

You’ve no idea why your husband is angry or turns his back on you.

You haven’t had a fight, nothing has been said, but you’re left with hostility and rejection.

You throw in the towel and back out – it really doesn’t matter then.

That’s exactly what it was like at my place except I was the cold-hearted fucker.

Actually, I’m longing for plenty of warmth and joy in my family.

I’ve just become incredibly fed up with taking too much responsibility and as a consequence I’ve basically switched off a lot of my feelings. That’s my way of trying to take care of myself. I’m ready to drop and I feel like I’m sacrificing myself for the sake of my family. I feel like they are the ones holding me back from really pursuing my dreams. My family is my burden because I always have to look after them. I’m always the one in charge and I can’t create a successful business because I have to make sure that our family is functioning.

It’s really awful, hideous actually.

………..but it’s the truth……

Or it has been the truth up until now, because now I simply no longer want to use my family as an excuse for the lack of success of my business.

I no longer want to be a cold-hearted fucker. I want to make sure that we regain warmth, joy and intimacy in our family. I want to give back responsibility to my husband, my son and my daughter and only stay in charge of what I’m supposed to.

Change ALWAYS begin with me.

If I WANT joy and warmth I have to GIVE the same.

I recognize that if I change the ones around me will automatically follow.

From now on I will be the change I wish to see in my life. My most important saying will be ‘Be the change’ and that bangle will be on my wrist for many months.

Serving as a reminder that I and only I can make the change that I want in my life.

There will be moments of hatred where I will fall back into bad habits of being a cold-hearted fucker, but I won’t back down.

It is now or never – I will NOT settle for less anymore – I NEED family and career to come together. I want both and I can have it my way.

Are YOU also ready to make a change in your life?

Are YOU ready to be the change you wish to see in your life?

Or do you wish to continue sacrificing yourself for the sake of your husband, your children, your mother in law, your colleague, your boss, the bad weather…..

If you want to make a change, the bangle ‘Be the Change’ can be of big help to you.

It will serve you as a daily reminder that you can have it your way.

It will serve you as a daily reminder that YOU create YOUR life.

It is your physical reminder that you can do it. Every time you notice the bangle, touch it or feel it on your skin, it will give you the energy to make a change.

Buy your ‘Be the Change’ bracelet here >>>>>>

If I can do it, so can you.

With love,



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